Lin Jammet

Two Horses - silkscreen print

Limited edition silkscreen prints by Lin Jammet, the son of Elizabeth Frink.

Lin was born in London to an artist mother, Elisabeth Frink, and a French father, Michel Jammet. His parents’ chosen name has indeed turned out to be suiting for his chosen profession; the French term for linen is lin, and it is a French linen onto which the artist often has often selected for printing.

Lin first started printmaking during the 1970s with Julian Trevelyan, not only a family friend but also a printer of vast experience and great gentleness, having employed an ease and naturalness that has informed Lin’s printmaking since that time. As a natural draughtsman, drawing is and always has been the root of Lin’s work, with each piece being vastly refined prior to completion.

During the 1980s, the artist worked in freelance and editorial illustration and for a time painted in mixed media. Then, in 1993, Lin returned to printmaking by producing several lithographs at Curwen Chilford Prints, which relate very closely to his drawings. These, like subsequent colour prints, were drawn onto textured polyester.

Since 1994, Lin has produced work at Gresham Studio, near Cambridge, which forms a strong body of screenprints.

The Fall of Desaix - silkscreen print

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