Sebastiano Vitale

 Limited edition equine photographs by the eminent Italian artist - part of his latest project, The Raw Horse...

“The Raw Horse” is an hymn to the relationship between horses and human beings. To Vitale, horses represent pure beauty, peace and freedom. 
The Raw Horse is a series of fine prints as limited editions, photographic objects and sculptures – for galleries and collectors.
"I’ve been working for the past 15 years in the field of art, mass communication and visual journalism.  I love telling stories and I use any possible form of expression to do it.
I began working in visionary media art with projects such as 80/81 and  I presented and exhibited installations at festivals, fairs and museums around the world (including SF MOMA, CITIA Annecy, BAM NY, ARCO Madrid, ZKM Karlsruhe, ARTISSIMA Torino, FIB Benicassim, LA VILLETTE NUMERIQUE, Paris).  These events were reviewed by many of the major international news groups (CNN, BBC, El Mundo, El Pais, Liberation, Le Monde, Repubblica, Encyclopedia Britannica).
The process led gradually to the world of mass communication, creating campaigns as creative director for many brands and agencies (including FIAT, Olympic Games, Ogilvy, RAI, Grazia Neri).   In 2009 I published my first novel - Diari di un Aristopunk.  COCALAND, a multimedia project regarding narcotraffic in Bolivia, was selected amongst the 5 projects of the year within MIPDOC, Cannes 2009.
The Raw Horse is a large scale project and, probably the most important I’ve ever conceived."  - Sebastiano Vitale

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