Sarah Coward

Current exhibition: Figurative work in bronze by the highly accomplished British sculptor Sarah Coward. Equestrian and canine subjects, plus Fighting Bull, Falcoln, and Hare. Sarah grew up in Dorset, the eldest daughter of a farmer. She has been involved with horses throughout her life, firstly as a young rider, subsequently encouraging her three children as they have taken to the saddle and helping her sister with training point to pointers.

Over many years Sarah has also been a very keen falconer having manned and flown both Harris Hawks and Lanner Falcons. After school she spent several years as a veterinary nurse. This, combined with her hobbies, has given her extensive knowledge of animal anatomy, which is clearly demonstrated in her dynamic bronzes today.

In 1998, she answered an advertisement searching for an assistant sculptor to create wax models of birds of prey and bring them to the pre-finishing stage. Driven by the encouragement of the sculptor, who immediately recognised her natural talent, Sarah has been working on her own pieces since 1999.

From personal recommendations, she has created bronzes of both equine and canine studies for unique commissions and as speculative limited editions.

Sarah works from her Wiltshire home that has been modified paying particular attention to light and space.

Sarah Coward is available to commission, and can create a portrait of a particular animal in bronze. Please email for further details.

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