Victoria Constant

Powerful, abstracted evocations of horses in ink on paper...

Victoria Constant has been working as a professional artist since graduating from Edinburgh University in 1995 with a First Class MA in Fine Art.   

After her degree, Victoria spent several months travelling and painting in India.  Some of this time was spent at the International Centre for Cultural Development in Kerala, South India and culminating in an exhibition at the Chitraniketan Gallery, Trivandrum.   Abstract works on paper and landscape from this period, reflect the influence of life in India; the vibrancy, the colours, the people and festivals.

In 1998, Victoria took up the post of Artist-in-Residence at a school on the edge of Dartmoor, in Devon.  Large mixed media works on canvas were painted in response to the wild and unpredictable elements of the moorland landscape.  On moving close to the sea on the South Devon coast, where much time is spent sailing, Victoria’s paintings became influenced by the experience of being on the water and the coastal landscape.

Recently, Victoria’s work has returned to a childhood love of the horse.  Victoria rode from a young age and horses always featured in early drawings.  Works on paper are now created freely in ink, allowing the work to evolve from images in the mind and memories.  Victoria wishes to express movement and conjure a sense of the strength and might of the animal.  The painting may also be viewed in an abstract manner, with incidental mark making and the use of colour being representative of this flighty, unpredictable but beautiful animal.

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